CRAZY Jobs you wont believe exist !

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Azzyland - CRAZY Jobs you wont believe exist !
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Tamny Barnard
Tamny Barnard 2 أيام قبل
They haft to worck eve day.
Deannajo Haskins
Deannajo Haskins 8 أيام قبل
That wasn't a dog it was a emu
Deannajo Haskins
Deannajo Haskins 8 أيام قبل
That wasn't a dog it was a emu
Melanie Hayes
Melanie Hayes 10 أيام قبل
6:26 thats trick riding i think you can take special lessons to learn them, you can ride at rodeos and shows. (i only ride english and western.)
Jean Kuzirian
Jean Kuzirian 13 أيام قبل
İts not a dog
Jennifer McCabe
Jennifer McCabe 14 أيام قبل
That breed of dog is an ostrige
Jennifer McCabe
Jennifer McCabe 14 أيام قبل
Sry if i spelled something rong
Alisha Harris
Alisha Harris 15 أيام قبل
8:21 as a Scorpio I agree 😂😂i also like snakes 🐍👀
Abbigayle Martin
Abbigayle Martin 17 أيام قبل
There’s like 12 fires each day
Abbigayle Martin
Abbigayle Martin 17 أيام قبل
My dad and Mom are firefighters
Alex Warren
Alex Warren 18 أيام قبل
My closet looks like that to
unicorn squad
unicorn squad 20 أيام قبل
Azzy:what kind of dog is that Me: (looks in comments) I can't believe no one told her that it's a emu
Moon CNC Carving Fashion
Moon CNC Carving Fashion 21 أيام قبل
azzy are you that clumsy than don't do the job even is you really need it I'm sure that somewhere in the world there is a more safer job
Maria Rønning
Maria Rønning 21 أيام قبل
I just found out I know who the people in 5:38 is!! 😂
paxton playz
paxton playz 23 أيام قبل
Tiffany Stricklin
Tiffany Stricklin 25 أيام قبل
I’m going to take your boiled eggs
Day lu
Day lu 26 أيام قبل
Why is she so tan rn
Dorline Kerr
Dorline Kerr 26 أيام قبل
Once i was in the car with my dad we were driving home then all of a sudden we drive by a house we see everyday but.. it was completely burning down all the trees were brunt down
Kylie Matthis
Kylie Matthis 27 أيام قبل
I agree crocodiles aren’t that cute, but baby crocodiles are adorable! 🐊 Before you hate, look up a picture 🥺
Karla Torrez
Karla Torrez 27 أيام قبل
Love your makeup
Brenda Ataga
Brenda Ataga 27 أيام قبل
Is it just me or is Azzy a little bit darker than usual ? *I'm not trying to be racist!!!*
لات زووت
لات زووت 27 أيام قبل
اكو عرب بالفيديو😂😂
Dave Anderson
Dave Anderson 27 أيام قبل
The one with the horse is called vault and I'm wanting to learn it Linda
Raees Hussain
Raees Hussain 28 أيام قبل
Weeb UWU
Weeb UWU 29 أيام قبل
Me looking at job fate : nope nope nope nope dab🦄 # unicorn
Samantha Fleisch
Samantha Fleisch أشهر قبل
Azzy did you and Jordi brake up
sheyla perez
sheyla perez أشهر قبل
When you say got on fire i no my pet fish........*cry*
Hannah Barnett
Hannah Barnett أشهر قبل
My dad is a firefighter.
Heath Askia
Heath Askia أشهر قبل
Guy: is cleaning the world trade center Me: Imagine doing that on Sep 11 2001
Olivia Holyfield
Olivia Holyfield أشهر قبل
Firefighting is my Dad’s everyday
Priyavaahini Thamilselvan
Priyavaahini Thamilselvan أشهر قبل
muffin the crazy schleich pony
muffin the crazy schleich pony أشهر قبل
I ride horses and I live on a farm with 31 horses I have been riding since I was 5 now I 12
Ishkabiblelizoms Lizzy
Ishkabiblelizoms Lizzy أشهر قبل
My dad is a fireman but he only gets called for smoke things :/
Ani Bezjak
Ani Bezjak أشهر قبل
amagen braces
Olivia OBrian
Olivia OBrian أشهر قبل
My dad is a firefighter. He doesn't deal with fires that often.
Ayaati Chaturvedi
Ayaati Chaturvedi أشهر قبل
I just noticed in this video.... THAT HER OUTRO IS NOW BACK
Paetyn Czyzewski
Paetyn Czyzewski أشهر قبل
fire man deal with more than one fire a day
Isabella Lee
Isabella Lee أشهر قبل
My dad is a fire fighter!!!!
Emma Stanley
Emma Stanley أشهر قبل
Is an ostrich
꧁Darkwolf꧂ أشهر قبل
I know a Fireman! Every few days he has some type of fire or search and rescue!
Joakim Ghani
Joakim Ghani أشهر قبل
The 2:20 is an species of ostrich called an Emu.😁
Joakim Ghani
Joakim Ghani أشهر قبل
The dog is actually a species of an ostrich called an emu.😁
Joakim Ghani
Joakim Ghani أشهر قبل
The dog you we’re talking about
n k
n k أشهر قبل
Easy just going to store the store and then said that person you have police dog I want one because I love
Evangelyn Pheng
Evangelyn Pheng أشهر قبل
Azzy did you put so manny high lighter on your face
Heather Hayes
Heather Hayes أشهر قبل
I am a gymnast and a horse rider and I do taewondo so ya
Jenny Hajji
Jenny Hajji أشهر قبل
Charlotte Warner
Charlotte Warner أشهر قبل
WELL.... In 2019 people in Australia had the biggest season of bush fires. Some people had to evacuate their homes because it was to dangerous. They went to live in caravans and horse stables. The sky was constantly red or black for weeks straight. I hope I answered your question and I am very sorry for all this writing!
Kimberly Brown
Kimberly Brown أشهر قبل
when i was little i used to go to a tanning salon with my mom after school and i got wear gloves and clean the tanning beds
Malaika Benjamin
Malaika Benjamin أشهر قبل
am virgo
• Milky Way •
• Milky Way • أشهر قبل
On the one where the girl hit her head on the tanning thingy (at least what I thing it is) When she hit her head I was not expecting that I jumped and got scared XD
It’s me Bella
It’s me Bella أشهر قبل
That color isn’t urs unless u want to look like that
Ryliegh Hackman
Ryliegh Hackman أشهر قبل
"Much worse, if not more" -Azzy 2020
animal lover
animal lover أشهر قبل
My dad is a volunteer firefighter so he does alot of training.
hey yall
hey yall أشهر قبل
oh actually a lot of fire departments don't rescue cats anymore cause if they left to save the cat they could miss a call and their wouldn't be enough people
Dr. FricketyFrick
Dr. FricketyFrick أشهر قبل
That dog is the “emu” breed i think
cat brother bro
cat brother bro أشهر قبل
I hate all of these jobs I don't like it I d I don't like job I don't literally like th these are so dangerous
Natalie Hazel
Natalie Hazel أشهر قبل
I didn't know if you knew this but your zodiac sighn is a Pisces
Jesse Hockey
Jesse Hockey أشهر قبل
It is an emu
Sammy Cruz
Sammy Cruz أشهر قبل
0:51 Azzyland: tell me if there's something worse than that! Me: I have an answer! Also me: There is something worse than that Azzy....and it would be you quitting youtube😊😉🙂 Also me: I don't care about corona being the worst thing! P.S: without Azzy we would have been more bored at home with this pandemic!
Meekymoo ಠ_ಠ
Meekymoo ಠ_ಠ أشهر قبل
If ur into crocodiles and animals google Steve Irwin actual Aussie legend RIP
niko niko nii
niko niko nii أشهر قبل
"Never give up?" *DATTEBAYO*
Destiny Christopher
Destiny Christopher أشهر قبل
A apple glowing video bye
Destiny Christopher
Destiny Christopher أشهر قبل
RubyGrace Moseley
RubyGrace Moseley أشهر قبل
Oh my gosh! I’ve always wanted to try one of those plane slides
Charles Lindsay
Charles Lindsay أشهر قبل
In my free time my hobby is actually alligator wrestling.
HannahGraceCreates أشهر قبل
My brother got knocked out by a tree and it fell on top of him he uses Siri to call 911
Azja Rutt
Azja Rutt أشهر قبل
i think the worst part of getting your teeth cleaned is when the dentist asks you a question and you can’t answer because ur mouth is open
It Ashlee Rodriguez
It Ashlee Rodriguez أشهر قبل
its a bird not dog
Aidan Skylar
Aidan Skylar أشهر قبل
Workers: this is normal I'm just biking on a wire Me: BOI YOU CRAZY
I like Chicken nuggets
I like Chicken nuggets أشهر قبل
One time I smashed my hand into a car door
I like Chicken nuggets
I like Chicken nuggets أشهر قبل
That hurt for WEEKS
ily heh
ily heh أشهر قبل
Fusion Stampy
Fusion Stampy أشهر قبل
I love how she says straight up like did you just go to a Travis Scott concert
Madeline Pribyl
Madeline Pribyl أشهر قبل
Azzy looks wonderful in this video
Saleen Perkins
Saleen Perkins أشهر قبل
The animal you called a dog is called an emu
Pointless Videos
Pointless Videos أشهر قبل
Okay.. But the most dangerous job is being around somebody who wakes up cranky.
Grace أشهر قبل
Your skin isn't paper, don't cut it Your face isn't a mask, don't cover it Your body isn't a book, don't judge it Your life isn't a movie, don't end it Your heart isn't a door, don't lock it You're beautiful💓 Be you... I saw this in the comments by Mia Soto so thank you Mia Soto :)
tournesol أشهر قبل
I once got my fingers jammed in a door and I legit just squealed SO QUIETLY LOL *eeeeaaaa...* I was in so much pain
Ana Queiroz Rocha
Ana Queiroz Rocha أشهر قبل
my dad is a fire man and yes there is fire's every day
•dxisy •
•dxisy • أشهر قبل
Who is from America and IS coming with me to meet azzy in 2031
Kendall Hoff
Kendall Hoff أشهر قبل
your glowing :)
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr أشهر قبل
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr أشهر قبل
sara sweet heart
sara sweet heart أشهر قبل
Hey azzy I want you and kassie to react and kassie to react to a ARposts channel named babybus
Little Ghost
Little Ghost أشهر قبل
Sneak don’t care about their eggs that mama snake was just comfortable
Masoke Sano
Masoke Sano أشهر قبل
1:11 it is called a war -drobe for a reason
Meaghan Cheverette
Meaghan Cheverette أشهر قبل
So cool :)
Mr. E. Person
Mr. E. Person أشهر قبل
Almost a year ago three doors down there was a fire caused by a gas leak( where I live the houses are all connected). And this past week firetrucks have come by twice because people are smelling natural gas. I'm a little scared for my neighbors cause it's on their side.
jordynn lampkin
jordynn lampkin أشهر قبل
this i weird but your face is so shiny 😂
jordynn lampkin
jordynn lampkin أشهر قبل
are you doing a new makeup routine
Ttv-snipe2034 أشهر قبل
My grandpa was a fire man and he said he got called to a fire about every 2-3 days, he worked in a city. I think it was NYC
Ryleigh DeSart
Ryleigh DeSart أشهر قبل
Ima horse back rider and all you do is hold the rains and push them with your heal...........on the ether hand I love your videos keep doing what you do keep making every one watching happy
Brennan Hale
Brennan Hale أشهر قبل
I love hard boiled eggs to !!!!!
cupcake watermelon
cupcake watermelon أشهر قبل
my dad is a fireman and there is a call about every week.
It’s _Charlie Fnaf
It’s _Charlie Fnaf أشهر قبل
Did Azzy get a tan ???😂🤔
Farah Ameena
Farah Ameena أشهر قبل
Is it just me or is something wrong with her makeup
Farah Ameena
Farah Ameena أشهر قبل
not being rude
Julia Anderson gaming
Julia Anderson gaming أشهر قبل
My dad is a firefighter but i don’t know how many fires he put out
gortemiller أشهر قبل
Well my mom takes 1000 trips
Kae lyn
Kae lyn أشهر قبل
My step dad is a firefighter and they hqve at leaset 3 calls a day
North Dakota
North Dakota أشهر قبل
I come here with a statement. The only thing worse then keeping your mouth open for that long ,is resting you hear on the shampoo bowls at a hair salon. You can NOT change my mind.
Sierra Calderon
Sierra Calderon أشهر قبل
My dad is a firefighter and I barely get to see him😢
Evan Henrickson
Evan Henrickson أشهر قبل
azzys lips lookin extra glossy
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