He Keeps Watching Me But I DONT CARE - A True Animated Story

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Azzyland - He Keeps Watching Me But I DONT CARE - A True Animated Story - Thanks to Dory Story: arposts.info/like/mN2WZpmQpKKJgZU/fydyw.html
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Tsuyu Asui
Tsuyu Asui 9 ساعات قبل
So like the first thing you mention after your name is u never had a boyfriend like everyone is going to be all like: yo you probably don't have a boyfriend you animated person. I hope you step on a lego
Jess H
Jess H 12 ساعات قبل
Wyliza&Ana Stories
Wyliza&Ana Stories 2 أيام قبل
So what you look like George Times two? She looks great!
Elizabeth Garcia
Elizabeth Garcia 6 أيام قبل
My baby sister Xareni she is 2 years old and/but she's still beautiful and we do fight but... I still think she is made out of love and I still think that she is soo beautiful and my name is Isabela Martinez so i'm 7 years old. well have a nice day Azzy/Azzyland!!!
Martin Rosher
Martin Rosher 8 أيام قبل
I like watching stuf like this with frends
Anastacia Holtjer
Anastacia Holtjer 9 أيام قبل
love it so sweet
Jessica Goodenow
Jessica Goodenow 10 أيام قبل
Azzy is one of the best you tubers . We love you like if you do👇🏻
Chloe GRIFFITHS 11 أيام قبل
i have no arms and i am happy!!!
Liliana Ruiz
Liliana Ruiz 11 أيام قبل
eeeeee she nakeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh way they felm that ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Liliana Ruiz
Liliana Ruiz 11 أيام قبل
do you ment wig ummmmm i dot now but i love you i and do more baby videos
LILYANA HINKLE 11 أيام قبل
my best friend has no ears ether!
Iviwe Dlamini
Iviwe Dlamini 12 أيام قبل
Her ear was exposed the whole vid kinda feels like micro bullying
GGGAMING time 12 أيام قبل
I love you azzy 💖💗❤💗💖
Dina Ester Belasco
Dina Ester Belasco 13 أيام قبل
Alexis de poop
Alexis de poop 14 أيام قبل
she can't tie her hair up its to short and she can't put her hair behind her ear cause she dissent have any(I think we have the ear cover around ur ear is because NO ONE WANTS BUGS CRAWLING IN UR EARS)
Hannah Kollascheck
Hannah Kollascheck 14 أيام قبل
Azzy: you know what she needs, a hug Me watching this: acc crying Why does she gotta be so sweet 😂😭❤️
kelly watson
kelly watson 15 أيام قبل
I love you're video I watched every day when I get back to me when I get back from school
Dean Keller
Dean Keller 17 أيام قبل
The dog has seen some things now he knows the TRUTH!
isabella b
isabella b 17 أيام قبل
If anyone has this, please tell me..is it really that bad?
Hailey Underhill
Hailey Underhill 18 أيام قبل
then there’s me just like looking around my room just to make sure there’s no hole in my walls
Diana-_- 18 أيام قبل
I had a friend who had that disease on one of her ears and she was very confident and she was part of the student council/class president for 3 years in a row.
Michelle Martinez
Michelle Martinez 18 أيام قبل
Yes and……………………no
Sofia DIYs
Sofia DIYs 19 أيام قبل
kristine zachariasen
kristine zachariasen 19 أيام قبل
hi im lainee
Richard quartermon
Richard quartermon 19 أيام قبل
💘💕💖💞 you are cute
that fan tho :P
that fan tho :P 19 أيام قبل
the dog... i can't🤧🤣🐶
Afua Amanobea Addo-Yobo
Afua Amanobea Addo-Yobo 19 أيام قبل
i know someone with her disease, literally no one notices it
The drip House
The drip House 20 أيام قبل
XxxxSyrian head daddy no nobody nobody to Siri
The drip House
The drip House 20 أيام قبل
XxxxSyrian head daddy
The drip House
The drip House 20 أيام قبل
Rosa Garcia
Rosa Garcia 21 أيام قبل
Azures is so cute 😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰😗😘😍😍😘😘😍😇
Valery Torres
Valery Torres 21 أيام قبل
You look just like them
Kayla Manaru
Kayla Manaru 21 أيام قبل
Caroline Smith
Caroline Smith 22 أيام قبل
Doctors:Ummmm you need to get rid of her
Ashok Singh
Ashok Singh 22 أيام قبل
my friend has the same disorder as her :o
Adrian Gcia
Adrian Gcia 23 أيام قبل
Adrian Gcia
Adrian Gcia 23 أيام قبل
A monster nooooooooooooo
Mel Arellano
Mel Arellano 24 أيام قبل
who ever sees this i wish you the best luck on earth.
Mel Arellano
Mel Arellano 24 أيام قبل
if azzy sees this hii how are you and my dream would be if you replyed and like guys like if you feel the same way.
Stampedebuffalo Yas
Stampedebuffalo Yas 24 أيام قبل
Jim Mason
Jim Mason 24 أيام قبل
Stop saying bad word😣
Corah Putnam
Corah Putnam 25 أيام قبل
Zheng it got to the hole in the wall part I freaked out that's scary girl.
Lianna Werstuik
Lianna Werstuik 25 أيام قبل
Poor girl I feel bad for her
Her Lovely Charms
Her Lovely Charms 25 أيام قبل
Sub to azzy and me
Gamer girl LeoKitty06
Gamer girl LeoKitty06 25 أيام قبل
O well everyone is special she is too
Timothy Rotich
Timothy Rotich 25 أيام قبل
i love you azzland
Rowat Madison
Rowat Madison 27 أيام قبل
Student Juliana BynoeJohnson
Student Juliana BynoeJohnson 27 أيام قبل
Literally the 1% people who's reading,,, I strongly hope your parents Live Longer Than 100 years with awesome health 🙏
Shakila Basher
Shakila Basher 27 أيام قبل
azzy bandy is at yrou house
Abigail Morrison
Abigail Morrison أشهر قبل
just saying, youre makeup is ON POINT!
Carla Vera Sanchez
Carla Vera Sanchez أشهر قبل
I am a fannnn
Rasa Maganbeharie
Rasa Maganbeharie أشهر قبل
Type a dot if you are a girl
BakuhoeFatsuki أشهر قبل
“You can’t discriminate because of disabilities” Me: gurl.. I come from the land of 2020, and being a person of color is literally classified as a disability where I am. And people with disabilities get turned down from jobs a l l the time.
Strawberry cow vs chocolate cow
Strawberry cow vs chocolate cow أشهر قبل
Can you do more of this video pls I love the videos so much
Annika Pentecost
Annika Pentecost أشهر قبل
hey if you are watching this in september them highfive me.
Logan pietsa
Logan pietsa أشهر قبل
Evelina Mendicini
Evelina Mendicini أشهر قبل
i also think its her dad too
Jamila Ellis
Jamila Ellis أشهر قبل
Elizabeth Barker
Elizabeth Barker أشهر قبل
I love everyone and everything and azzy I love you sooo much that id die for you and this is creepy I’m watching this at night but not that creepy love you as a friend
Vera Smith
Vera Smith أشهر قبل
Their was staris
Mac Suprun
Mac Suprun أشهر قبل
How does she hear with no ears? 👂
DavidThe DrawBird8
DavidThe DrawBird8 أشهر قبل
Kakali Bose
Kakali Bose أشهر قبل
First creepy and last funny ☹☹☹🤣🤣🤣
Autumn Knowlden
Autumn Knowlden أشهر قبل
Everybody's beautiful heart emojis
Autumn Knowlden
Autumn Knowlden أشهر قبل
Everyone is beautiful no matter what
Leslie Bittner
Leslie Bittner أشهر قبل
I was born when my mom divorced. I don’t have dad I’m always teased :(
Mandy Wisdom
Mandy Wisdom أشهر قبل
YAS sew them
I know that it is a drawing but,she is pretty on the inside
Wolf girl 5000
Wolf girl 5000 أشهر قبل
Edwin E M
Edwin E M أشهر قبل
8:55 While she's changing cloths..! I don't think so 😂
FireStar Playz
FireStar Playz أشهر قبل
Dark Destroyer Gaming
Dark Destroyer Gaming أشهر قبل
Azzy i look this video from Caylus.
Brad Shoback
Brad Shoback أشهر قبل
Infinite watch l watch this video
matilda أشهر قبل
Why are people so mean about it? Like there is a such thing as deaf people too
DoopABloop56 أشهر قبل
you seriously think this is real
LexyStrechia Gaming
LexyStrechia Gaming أشهر قبل
Actually, if you ask why the hole is so short...Because they already said its on the second floor!
Ellie Klease
Ellie Klease أشهر قبل
10:41 Me : IT WAS THE BOSS Also me after watching it : ...
Achanta Prasanna
Achanta Prasanna أشهر قبل
I am bald headed
RC Visions
RC Visions أشهر قبل
No AirPods for her😭
Royal Cookie
Royal Cookie أشهر قبل
when i found out she didnt have ears i was like so you cant hear then how do you hear people lauphing??? facts girl facts
Cat’s • Cap
Cat’s • Cap أشهر قبل
Jessica Bradley
Jessica Bradley أشهر قبل
you got it all wrong girl
It’s Nicole Rivera
It’s Nicole Rivera أشهر قبل
you better watch the video again-
Cutie Hiba
Cutie Hiba أشهر قبل
Bro that’s a lie this disease is basically your ears developing after you are born
TRM Samurai
TRM Samurai أشهر قبل
I’m also a monster on the in & outside AND I MEAN THE DEMON HIMSELF MONSTER
Rista Neupane
Rista Neupane أشهر قبل
The dog was cute tjo
Nikita Hamilton-Pierre
Nikita Hamilton-Pierre أشهر قبل
ur voice chance
alisha rose
alisha rose أشهر قبل
Can u just stop talking 😡😡😡
Anya Krienke
Anya Krienke أشهر قبل
Holes in the corner is because that room was on the upstairs you could see her run up the stairs in one part
nomazwi dumalisile
nomazwi dumalisile أشهر قبل
ha this story just gets crazier every time ha
Jojo Gin
Jojo Gin أشهر قبل
Remember the utility room was above some stairs so it’s normal for the hole to be on the floor in the utility room and on the ceiling in the changing room
Kenza Smouni
Kenza Smouni أشهر قبل
I was sure it was the bulldog. I’m so dead I hate this I’m confused
Jonah Lariosa
Jonah Lariosa أشهر قبل
Same I have a boldog too
Miko أشهر قبل
Infinite watcht this before
The Life Of Wiskerrs
The Life Of Wiskerrs أشهر قبل
The Hole is up There Because She's Up Stairs??
Lucy Styles
Lucy Styles أشهر قبل
She went up stairs women
Isobel Bowman
Isobel Bowman أشهر قبل
Gets to the scary bit... *hides Finds out truth* 0.0 Dang
Isobel Bowman
Isobel Bowman أشهر قبل
So does anyone notice...that at the end she says "stay awsome,stay sweet and... DONT FORGET TO BE NAUGHTY TO EACH OTHER???????????????????????????? WHAT THE HECKKKKKKK
វុធ បញ្ញារី
វុធ បញ្ញារី أشهر قبل
Dulce Garcia
Dulce Garcia أشهر قبل
PYXITRIX أشهر قبل
Soft S
Soft S أشهر قبل
I’d be fine if I was bald, hint: Hitman... all I need is a bar code tattoo on the back of my head lol
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